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Rehab: Not a straight line

Updated: May 21, 2019

I wish it was. I wish people could come to me with their aches, pains, and injuries and in just a session or two resolve their problems. Reality is, that is not how the mind and body operate.

You see it all the time on social media and Youtube, videos and posts that show you that one exercise or technique that will "eliminate your back pain" or "3 steps to correct your posture." I truly wish it was that simple. But the body is so complex, that those specific exercises may not even be good for you. Another observation I've made on social media platforms like Instagram, is that all you see are the success stories. Before and after pictures, and great testimonials. Yes, I've done that too!

The recovery process can be frustrating, but there is always hope!

What we don' t see or hear about much are those that have a long journey to go on in terms of recovery or rehabilitation. I'm not talking about those that come in for a good massage or go see their chiro on a regular basis as part of their personal care. I'm talking about those that are trying to eliminate pain or improve dysfunction. Those that are recovering from and old or new injury. Those that are trying to improve their quality of life.

The truth is that sometimes recovery can be a frustrating journey. When it comes to therapy (any therapy for that matter), It is not a straight line. It's not and A to Z process.

Many times it requires some troubleshooting. We can create a treatment plan, and then we need to reassess to see if that plan is working. If it is not, then we try something else. Many times there can be set backs. Life gets in the way. Awhile back I had a client come in with very bad back pain and stiff shoulders. My clients process was going smoothly and seeing great results. Then, this client got pneumonia and took a couple of months to recover from that. That set back was frustrating. When my client was ready to come back, we pretty much had to start from square one.

Many times we need to reassess, and try to see if there was something missed.

What social media does not show, are the non successful stories. The stories where there are set backs. Stories of those that lose hope and decide that they will have to just deal with their aches and pains. Also, there are those that just don't try.

True lasting recovery or rehab can be messy, but there is always hope. We just need to stay the course. We need to keep investing in ourselves and keep trying. We need to assess and reassess. Put the effort and the work in. It's not shocking to me that those whom I prescribe exercises too and do them consistently, that they are the ones with great lasting results.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Are we really trying as hard as we can? I say that because I have some clients who want to be pain free so bad, they have just about tried everything!

My hope is to offer a different approach and perspective. I want to travel along this journey with my clients. From assessment, treatment, rehab, and to a place of function like never before. I wish my knowledge and skill set was to where I can get quicker results for people, but I have a long way to go. Meanwhile, let's figure out what works for you together. Yes, that may mean changing things up. Some times clients will come to me for deep tissue work, and I will suggest manual lymphatic drainage because there is a lot of inflammation in their bodies. Some times I may suggest to work solely on your mobility. Whatever it is, lets try it all until we find what works for you.

My ultimate goal with each individual client is to not only help them be pain free and function better. My goal is to empower them. To give them the tools and knowledge that they can utilize on a daily basis so they don't have to depend on a therapist all of the time.

So whether it's with me or another practitioner, give it time and effort. Every therapeutic relationship is a partnership, and each one of us have to do our parts.

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