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The Ultimate Goal: Independence

I have told many of my clients when it comes to treating their pain, that the goal is to get them on the table, to eventually get them off the table. What do I mean by that?

Manual therapy is only the first step in the process or recovery.

Massage or manual therapy of any kind (like chiropractic) has truly one main goal when it comes to treating pain. That goal is to reduce or extinguish the fire. That is the first step of the process. The next step, is to step off the table and start training your body so that you have more capable tissues and joints. If you are looking for long term results and solutions, this is the part of the process you can not ignore.

The fire has been tamed, now we need to rebuild. In the process or rehabilitation, pain is the first thing to go away. Unfortunately, just because the pain is gone, that does not mean that the dysfunction has been corrected.

How long have you been seeing a massage therapist or a chiro for the same issue? How many times have you been instructed with exercises to help you maintain the results you achieved with your therapist or doctor? If you’re answer is none, then we need to get you moving.

Range of motion exercises are critical for the health and longevity of our joints.

For those of you that work with me, you know that improving your mobility and joint health is part of what we work on. If you have not yet started to work with me to deal with your pain in an active capacity, then let’s have a conversation. Why? Because I firmly believe that when it comes to creating actual long-term change in your body, you need to train it. Not only will this give you longer lasting results, but it will allow you to enjoy life!

Imagine not having tight hips? Tight neck and shoulders? Imagine being able to play on the floor with your children or grandchildren? Does the thought of going on a hike not appeal to you because you know you will pay for It later? The good news is that there is a lot that can still be done for you. Regardless of your age!

Massage is amazing. It feels good and it truly does help with pain and muscular tightness. I personally enjoy receiving them on a regular basis because it feels good, it’s good for emotional and mental health, it mobilizes lymph, and it has so many other benefits. Just do a quick Google search on the benefits of massage therapy and you will find bountiful information.

My goal is to not just be a therapist, but a coach. I like to see my role not just as a therapist, but an educator. I want to equip my clients with tools and knowledge that will allow them to take care of their bodies. I am not saying that by improving your functional mobility and strength that you will never have pain. But if you do have pain, you will know what to look for and what to do about it. If pain continues, then you can seek out a therapist for assessment and treatment.

The better we move, the better we feel. When we feel good, we move more.

Therefore, the ultimate goal is your independence. Don’t just depend on a practitioner. Seek the knowledge, put the time and effort in, and you will experience the change.

Once you are pain free, I would still love to see you on a regular or as needed basis. Not because you’re in pain, but because you want to continue to improve your body or simply experience the benefits of massage therapy. Sometimes it’s good to just hit that reset button, relax, and take some time out with a good stress reducing session.

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